Park Road Primary School in Sale, Manchester has started the new year in style as they successfully renewed their Third Millennium Learning Award. See below for some of the comments from the judges who evaluated the submission.

This is really a brilliant example of Third Millennium Learning”

Park Road Primary School shows exceptional use of technology across many aspects of teaching and learning both in school and beyond. This supports and enhances the learning experience of pupils and the school demonstrates outstanding communication activity across the whole school and community.

Pupils know how and what to learn and are encouraged to understand, plan and be involved with their learning, and celebrate failure as a route to success. Both they and their parents have access to their ongoing performance assessment which supports discussion and planning at school or at home.
Pupils can reflect on their learning to see what to do next, which leads to empowered learners.
As well as traditional subjects and skills, the school uses many opportunities to broaden the learning activities to relevant and topical subjects which increase energy and engagement and deliver more effective pedagogy.

The submission video was a fantastic demonstration of excellent practice.  The school has continued to build on the approaches they outlined in their first submission video, with ongoing use of tools to empower learners, to develop reflective approaches, self-driven learning, risk taking, problem solving and resilience, through imagination-capturing activities, including ‘virtual field trips’, involvement of outside experts and interactive exhibitions.  The journey of the school has continued to evolve, with the use of assessment techniques and tools support tracking and personalisation of learning, as well as keeping pupils and parents well informed. Community engagement has been further developed using a full range of tools, and the school is also looking forward to the next steps on their journey using technology. One quote during the video really says it all – ‘Mistakes are good as you can learn from them.’ Great work that demonstrates continuing progression and excellence in Third Millennium learning – well done, everyone!

Click here to see the school’s video submission.

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