This article contains information for members considering nomination for election to the Naace Board of Management from 27th April 2017.

The Board of Management

Naace is registered as a charity and has a Board of Management to look after its affairs. They are responsible to the Charity Commissioners and to members of the Association. There are twelve Board Members elected from the membership and they each serve normally for a term of four years (Subject to the Rules).

Apart from the AGM and at conferences, the Board meets face to face at least three times a year. The most recent meeting was in February 2017 and the date of the next meeting will usually be in July 2017.

Attendance at meetings is an important obligation, and the Articles of the Association state that if a Board member does not attend for six months, their place is vacated. In-between meetings, when decisions need to be made, consensus is sought via electronic communication, and if necessary video, audio or conference calls arranged.

The Board deals with strategic business and is responsible for the activity of the association as well as directing the roles and responsibilities of employees of the Association. The Board is responsible for the finance and employment issues of the Association, it sets direction and plans for the future. In order to protect Board members, Naace takes out financial indemnity insurance to cover them when acting in their role. The Board with the support of the Naace office, monitors progress and liaises with those commissioned to undertake activity.

The Articles and Memorandum of the Association, in line with Charity Commission rules, does not allow Board members to receive any payment for their services except where exceptional circumstances apply. All activity is therefore on a voluntary basis, although out-of-pocket expenses are allowed, including the costs of attending meetings. Members of the Board are offered subsidised places at Naace events if possible and potentially at other relevant events where they are representing Naace. Finally, Charity regulations also mean that Board members have to submit to a degree of scrutiny. It is illegal, for example, for a Board member to have been a bankrupt or guilty of an offence that brings their honesty into question. All members of the Board are asked to maintain and sign a register of interests annually and a code of practice in order that they may avoid any potential conflict of interest, and are expected to withdraw from meetings where agenda items may lead to a challenge to their integrity in a given area.

The Charity Commission provides extensive guidance for Trustees at A copy of ‘The Essential Trustee – what you need to know’ is also provided below.

All this might seem a bit daunting, but there are many positive benefits to being a Board member. To see who is currently serving on the Board – see here for some details. Should you also wish to discuss the implications of being a Board member in more detail before nomination, then please get in contact with Carol Porter, Acting Chair of the Board, via email –, who will be happy to talk things through with you in confidence.

Procedure for nominations

There are four places to be filled on the Board of Management from 27th April 2017.

The election will be conducted using preference voting according to a proportional algorithm using a secure online site, with members able to submit ballots by post as an alternative if they so desire. Note that we must be notified in advance, by NOON on 31st March 2017, if any member wishes to make a postal vote. Notifications must be sent to

Any current member is able to stand if nominated by two other current members of the Association.

What to do next

If you are interested in standing for the Board of Management you should download and complete the nomination form below and submit it to The Chair of the Board of Management c/o, by noon on 31st March 2017. Remember that both a proposer and a seconder are required and the document must be signed by all concerned.

To encourage candidates to engage, scanned copies from candidate, proposer and seconder will be accepted if emailed to by the deadline.

In addition, a supporting statement of not more than 400 words outlining your experience, current activity and interest in representing members, plus photograph (jpeg or gif) should be added to your Naace Profile and emailed to by 31st March 2017.

The ballot will take place online between 1pm on Monday, 3rd April 2017 and 1pm on Friday, 21st April 2017 with the results being announced on Thursday 27th April 2017

The Essential Trustee

BoM Member Nomination Form 2017

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