A shared history and a common vision

Naace, along with BESA, has a history of association with Bett that spans more than 30 years and there are members far more qualified than I to write about it! However, given that long history, the number of Naace members with that kind of heritage is dwindling and we are losing experience and expertise as time catches up with us.

As Bett has developed it has done so with a clear vision and direction. Bett is now the premier international education technology show with a clear commitment to supporting schools, other learning institutions, leaders, teachers and learners by providing a platform on which suppliers can demonstrate the benefits of their products. Increasingly the focus of the event is on the strategic contribution of education technology to whole school development and specifically on, outcomes for learners.

This year at Bett 2017 we will see this vision expressed in the extensive lecture, seminar and workshop programmes that provide school leaders and others with the opportunity to hear and see what is working in different circumstances and then, to reflect on what might work for them in their circumstance. Year after year Naace have been present at Bett, offering the opportunity for attendees to corroborate what they are hearing from the vendor stands and presentations with the independent viewpoint of a membership association that is not beholden to any supplier, this year will be no different. The organisers of Bett have given us the opportunity to be present, to facilitate the content of the Primary Theatre and to contribute to the programme of other venues but, most importantly, they have recognised that we, as a community, have a continuing and valuable contribution to make, supporting schools with their investment decisions and helping them to achieve efficacy.

Just as Bett is clear in its objectives so is the Naace community. Over the last year we have re-emphasised our commitment to education technology as a tool for whole school improvement and re-iterated that, whilst the subject Computing is extremely important to us and to our community, so is every other subject and aspect where schools use education technology to run more effectively or to deepen learning.

Bett is an excellent moment in time (well 4 days actually!) for school leaders and everyone passionate about learning and technology to energise their batteries, capture the headlines and enthusiasm for pressing on. Joining Naace and building this shared community provides the consistent day in day out, long term, support and connection that helps school leaders and others translate this passion, energy and enthusiasm into material impact and change.

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