Are you DfE compliant?  Find out at Bett on the Naace stand G135

At Bett 2017 Naace are launching their DfE endorsed pre-procurement tools to help schools identify the edtech they need. Once schools know what they want, they need a place to buy it that is quick, easy, safe, and ideally DfE compliant. The DfE recommend schools use a recognised procurement framework, and Naace partner Think IT is one of a number that schools can choose from.

Think IT is a specialist ICT procurement framework for education. EU tendered, it has 18 categories and over 40 of the best educational suppliers, many of them Naace partners. And prices are pre-tendered ensuring value for money. The big idea is to make IT easy for schools: easy to find, buy and implement the ICT that’s right for them.

At Bett, Think IT will be launching their new procurement portal which is designed to take the bureaucracy out of procurement. Simple to use, it means schools can quickly and easily run mini-tenders, or buy direct off the framework, saving them time and money.

To find out more, come and talk to Neil or Ollie on the Naace stand G135 or email

Happy New Year from the JUST2EASY team

We are extremely excited for what 2017 has in store, with two new product releases and us being finalists for three, YES THREE, Bett awards we cannot wait to get going. Will you be at the show? As we would love to see you, we will be at the usual stand A100 with lots of exciting updates to showcase. We have just released J2Blast a live and interactive maths game giving students a place to develop their numeracy skills. It enables students to play against classmates, others within school and even against pupils from all over the world.

The launch of the much anticipated J2Blast will take off at the Bett show with students showcasing our live and interactive maths game. Along with the launch of J2Blast, unbeatable subscription prices, free trials, live demos and an ongoing competition it is due to be an extremely enthralling week at stand A100. If you would like to view the updates before the show then please call on 01335 370579 or email to book a free no obligation trial period and secure your Naace discount.

Meet Primo Toys at the Bett Show!!

Be a #gamechanger, bring coding to early years education. Come and meet us at stand E48 from January 24-28. Follow @primotoys on Twitter for up-to-date information on the show.

Cubetto is a multi award-winning wooden robot that helps young girls and boys discover computational thinking, programming and problem solving through hands-on play. With storytelling and coding blocks they can touch, you don’t need screens or literacy to learn coding.

For educators, teaching and learning is without barriers. Within minutes, teachers feel confident with Cubetto. It is fun to play with and easy to integrate in the classroom, offering an instant solution to various computational frameworks.

What we’re doing at Bett

Daily 10am and 3pm Education demos:
• Coding with Cubetto (how to introduce computational thinking to learners and teachers)
• If it’s not cross-curricular it’s not STEAM (practical lessons for early years)
Daily 11am and 2pm Guest Speaker Series – introspective chats about Design, Interaction, Pedagogy, EdTech and more

Cubetto is an innovative classroom resource for educators, introducing core programming concepts like debugging, the queue, and recursions as well as encouraging computational thinking and logic. From those struggling with the computing syllabus, to those who are simply looking for a more inspiring way to implement it, Cubetto is the perfect companion for the new curriculum.

Come and see Crick Software’s award-winning range of reading and writing support software at Bett 2017

The company’s best-known product is Clicker, the child-friendly word processor that is currently used in thousands of UK primary schools. The latest version, Clicker 7 (a 2017 Bett Awards finalist), has some fantastic new features including children’s voices, a mind-mapping area, the ability to record audio notes, plus pupil home access for schools with a site license!

Using Clicker 6? Ask us about our very special Clicker 7 upgrade prices!

Crick has also developed an incredibly popular range of Clicker Apps, which give learners access to proven literacy tools developed specifically for iPads. Bett 2017 sees the launch of Crick’s first writing support apps for Chromebook users – Clicker Sentences and Clicker Docs.

For more information or to take advantage of some very special show offers, please visit Crick Software on Stand D140.,, 01604 671691

Frog Education expand their offering for Bett

Frog Education are gearing up for exhibiting at Bett for another year, however this year they enter the manic arena with four Bett Award nominations under their belt. This year Frog will be launching their new home learning solution at the show, and you will be able to find out more about how Frog can make your school’s homework policy work for you.

Frog have also updated their assessment solution to be easier for schools to use and navigate, Gareth Davies, Managing Director of Frog said “what’s so special about our assessment tool is that it is built from the ground up in line with the 2014 curriculum, many of our competitors are struggling to move away from levels but as Frog was never built with levels this has been simple for us and our customers.”

You can visit the Frog stand at Bett at C163, or alternatively find out more on their website

Microsoft at Bett 2017

For the Microsoft in Education team, the Bett Show is a special time of the year. The show offers the whole team a chance to meet with the broader education community, provide a stage to our Showcase Schools and MIEEs to share their experiences and ideas, as well as connecting with the many Microsoft partners exhibiting at the show. We can’t wait!

Building on our close relationship with i2i, Microsoft is once again a Worldwide Bett Partner. As part of this partnership, we will be working closely together to share amazing examples of classroom best practice, celebrating the educators who are the real heroes in schools, and helping to inspire school leaders to embark on their own journeys of digital transformation. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

The core focus will be the main Microsoft booth at Bett. Across the stand we will be running a packed series of educator led ‘Learn Live’ Theatre Sessions that are guaranteed to provide you with something you can take back to your school and start implementing straight away to better engage learners and empower educators.

These will be complemented with hands on sessions within our Showcase Classroom where you can roll your sleeves up and experience how Windows 10, OneNote and more can help improve experiences and learning outcomes in your classroom. Make sure you do not miss out!

A wide range of teacher training and CPD opportunities, centered around our Microsoft Educator Community platform, will also be available for educators to develop new skills, get trained, connect with other educators and be inspired!

Looking forward to a great Bett 2017!

EES for Schools – Winner of Education Investor 2016 ‘School Improvement Service’ Award

EES for Schools provides a range of school support services that enable positive student outcomes. Owned by Essex County Council, EES works with over 4,500 schools across 20 countries, delivering highly-successful services such as Target Tracker (the market-leading pupil assessment solution used by over 25% of English primary schools) and School Effectiveness+ (SE+).

School Effectiveness+ supports a school-led improvement system, allowing schools to evaluate themselves, identify their strengths and weaknesses, prioritise improvements, benchmark against other schools, work collaboratively, deliver good outcomes and evidence that to Ofsted.

During 2015-16, the School Effectiveness+ experience was proven in the field via a pilot that was commissioned by Essex County Council across 80 schools. 97% of the Heads who were part of the pilot said the system would have a positive impact on learning outcomes and that they would recommend it to other schools.

The tremendous impact that School Effectiveness+ is having has been recognised by EducationInvestor who selected it for the 2016 ‘School Improvement Service’ award.

Judge’s comments were as follows:

“An innovative online self-evaluation tool that was created by Essex County Council to enable schools to collaborate and support each other regarding school improvement. Helping them to identify strengths and weaknesses and to prioritise improvements.”

“A great self-evaluation approach to help school leaders look internally to improve their schools’ performance.”

Further details about School Effectiveness+ can be found at:

TTS Group Ltd feature innovative new resources at Bett 2017

TTS will be exhibiting at Bett 2017 from stand C195. The stand will host a variety of zones with the main focus being using ICT across the curriculum to engage and inspire learners.

TTS will be featuring their very own scratch programmable Bluetooth floor robot. Input-Output-Bot (InO-Bot for short) has been specially designed to be used with the popular Scratch programming language. Children can design and create fun and challenging activities whilst developing their programming and debugging skills. InO-Bot, has a wide range of inputs and outputs to program in order to challenge children to build sophisticated and clever programs, once written, they can then see the program performed right in front of them. InO-Bot connects via a Bluetooth connection to a PC and has a two-way communication so children can see the outputs respond in real time. InO-Bot is priced at £99.95 and is rechargeable so there is need to worry about replacing costly batteries.

Visit the stand to win the Wall of Wonder, a whopping £3600 worth of computing and ICT resources. To be in with a chance of winning visit the TTS Stand C195 to enter the competition. The winner will be announced on 1 February 2017. TTS will also be revealing the ICT Discovery Garden, an all-new feature for visitors to explore.

Value Added Education: An education consultancy for solutions that fit!

As a former head teacher and deputy head teacher, we realise that there is plenty of challenge out there at the moment! We can offer support in terms of partnered lesson observations, support with action planning, workshops on effective teaching and learning, how to support teachers to become excellent and how to support wellbeing. We offer whole staff training on the use of Apple Technology in schools. If you are using iPads or even thinking of using iPads at your school, in order to raise standards across the curriculum but are not quite sure where to go next, we can help! We offer a range of packages to schools in order to maximise impact and support individual settings. There is no “one size fits all”, which is why we visit each school we work with to discuss their needs. We offer training in:

  • How to raise standards using Apple Technology
  • How to succeed at Leadership
  • Developing middle leaders
  • Behaviour Management

We also provide bespoke packages of training and support at all levels including:

  • Team Teaching
  • Lesson observations
  • Learning walks
  • School reviews
  • We offer the highest quality CPD for school staff.
  • We offer bespoke packages to suit individual needs.
  • We offer a coaching model of support in collaboration with schools.
  • We offer advice on strategic priorities for schools based on robust self-evaluation and standards.

For further information, please contact or visit our website :

Responsive design – Makewaves on any device

The biggest and most noticeable change will be the introduction of what is known as “responsive design” – this means a website that can work well and look good when it is viewed on a computer, a phone, a laptop or a tablet. To do this, we had to move some things around in terms of menus and where things sit on a page. Don’t panic! After the update we will make some tutorial videos to show you where everything is.

For all the Android users out there, the implementation of responsive design means that you’ll be able to use Makewaves a lot more easily on any modern Android tablet or smartphone. The images used here are designs to give you an idea of what the site will eventually look like.

Posts – the new name for Stories and Blogs

After the update, there will be one way to add content to Makewaves – Posts. Posts will be the new name for Stories, and all old Blog entries will be converted into Posts. To make Makewaves easier to use, we felt it would be best to have one easy way to add content.

Multiple Badge Evidence

A popular feature request – it’s now possible to add more than one piece of evidence to a badge task. Just select Add Evidence after adding your initial piece of badge evidence.

You’ll be able to get a sneak preview at Bett this year, come and find us on the Naace stand G135!

Here’s to the future…

SchoolVID: The growing need to market your school

Without a doubt, budget constraints and growing pupil numbers, will continue to pose challenges for schools. With the focus on academic results, sometimes the ‘business model’ of being a school can be overlooked. With new schools competing for pupils and a shortage of teachers, the need for a school to market itself has never been more important. Word-of-mouth from satisfied parents is by far, the most cost-effective method. The challenge for schools is to show parents the great things they achieve on a regular basis. Although schools have websites, parents use them mainly for information to make sure their child is at the right place at the right time with the right equipment. Many websites have pictures of events and activities but few have videos.

There is no doubt that video is the most compelling and dynamic medium to show your school at its best so, why do so few schools use them? It could be a question of the time that a busy teacher has to make them and share them with parents. Little and often is the best way to create word-of-mouth so, small videos work the best and are simple for teachers to create. This is where SchoolVID can help by automating the process from the uploading of video files, securely storing, to sharing directly with parents. If you’re going to Bett, then please drop by and see us on stand C407 and we’d be delighted to show you all the functionality of SchoolVID.

Transform your IT, reduce costs, improve outcomes

Are you from a school that would love to take advantage of an updated technology platform to support teaching and learning, minimise downtime, and reduce ongoing costs?

If you are, it’s highly likely that you already know that it’s hard to find the available capital to do this all at once; and that schools can find it difficult to take advantage of lease finance. You will also know that a phased or piecemeal approach, will most likely increase costs in the short term and certainly delay the educational benefits that you are looking to achieve.

At Wave 9 we are always seeking new ways to help schools take advantage of new technology to underpin and enrich the educational experience for teachers and students alike. It’s been our mission to make it possible for you to take one big step forward now and start enjoying improved service, reliability and reduced costs straight away..

…which is why we have developed a way for you to upgrade all of your ICT infrastructure today, with no capital outlay, just a simple annual rental over 3-5 years. What’s more in in 3 or 5 years time, you can opt to keep going with your existing infrastructure or replace some or all of it, in a new refresh, on the same or better terms.

Interested ? Please contact us at or visit us at the Tablet Academy Hands-On Learn Live Theatre, stand B160, at Bett 2017.

Rising Stars launches Switched on Online Safety

Published in association with Havering Education Services, Switched on Online Safety encourages all children to become positive digital citizens through teaching them what it means to be responsible online, how to protect their rights and how to respect the rights of others. Switched on Online Safety is a new scheme of work that will provide schools with a cost-effective solution to teaching online safety. Going to Bett this month? Don’t miss the Learn Live seminar from Katy Potts, Computing and E-safety Lead for Islington LA and consultant for Switched on Online Safety, taking place on Friday at 11:15. You can also pick up your FREE SAMPLE of Switched on Online Safety from the Rising Stars stand. Find out more at

Satchel, the team behind Show My Homework, are exhibiting at this year’s Bett Show on stand F130

The pioneers in edtech will provide on-stand demos of their award-winning software, nominated for two Bett awards and named the Assignment Report’s UK Education Company of the Year 2016. Also on-stand will be product walk-throughs of new apps, Kudos, Seating and Content.

Show My Homework
Learn more about Satchel’s flagship product and see Show My Homework in action. The market leading online homework software is used by 1500 schools in 23 countries and 1 in 3 UK secondary schools use the tool to reduce teacher workload, boost student attainment and engage parents.

Explore Satchel’s new app that helps you manage praise and sanctions the easy way, from the front of the class. With a praise leaderboard and custom badges in line with your school’s ethos, you can easily see who’s missing out on praise.

Find out how to create beautiful seating plans in seconds, ready for Ofsted, with Satchel Seating. Quickly create an optimised learning environment for your students and seat them where they’ll learn best.

Experience the force of a world leading education publisher with Content which Satchel have partnered with Collins to create. Choose from hundreds of core questions matched to all major examining boards and enhance your homework in seconds.

Follow us on our Satchel social media accounts to be in with the chance of winning a free Cambridge Satchel.

Book a demo today and learn more.

Piota: Improve parental engagement with a school app

Have you resolved to improve parental engagement in your school this term? Piota apps will be on stand H80 at Bett to show you how a customised school app could help you to reach parents more effectively.

With a Piota app, you can send instant notifications to parents, share links to rich resources for completing homework, share photos and videos and conduct parent surveys – a great way to get a better picture of how parents and pupils are feeling, and to show evidence of school effectiveness to governors and Ofsted.

A school app enables you to keep the whole family in the loop, so that there is no missed communication. Alerts, reminders and news can all be sent at the touch of a button to ensure that everyone is always up to date.

Piota apps can even manage forms and reply slips. Replies are automatically logged, and reminders can be sent to non-responders. Just imagine how much time you could save with this feature!

Come to stand H80 and have a chat to our team of school app experts for a demo and to arrange a free trial. (If you can’t wait that long, then just click here to get started right away!)

In the meantime, our latest blog post ‘Three ways to build more positive relationships with parents’ is full of ideas to help you improve communication with parents in your school.

eCadets are coming to Bett and will be joining Just2easy, their digital partner at stand A100.

Children from Eastland’s Primary School will also be attending and presenting on the day; follow us on Twitter @eCadets to find out what they are going to be up to.

The eCadets is the UK’s leading pupil-led online safety education programme, with more than 3300 schools signed up, from 3yrs to 18yrs. eCadets was created to keep children safe. It does this by empowering youngsters to keep their peers safe with all their online interactions.

It is delivered through schools where pupils are empowered and assisted as eCadets in becoming knowledgeable about how to stay safe online and spread that knowledge to their peers and whole school community effectively.

Led by pupils, they act as the peer mentors who train their classmates through a series of curriculum based activities. The programme also provides an instant messenger facility which supports the eCadets in answering any questions they may have and provides all pupils with a safe platform to converse with each other within the same year group via GoBubble.

GoBubble is a safe social media for under 13s and connects the world’s classrooms as Children can safely chat with kids the same age around the world. It has all the fun of social media with all the bad bits taken out and it is FREE for schools visit www.GoBubble.School

Contact for more information about getting started with the eCadets and registering for GoBubble.

Skooler at Bett

We’re excited to be exhibiting at Bett 2017! Join us on stand P7 within the Microsoft Partner Campus to find out how Skooler is making Office 365 relevant for Education.
The days of standalone, bespoke learning platforms have gone. We believe using the Microsoft Office 365 tools teachers and students are familiar with, adding education specific functionality to manage student progress and wrapping it in an intuitive interface will make life easier for teachers and learners.

We understand it is a busy time at the stands. To help organise your visit – we are offering dedicated 10 minute meetings with a member of the Skooler team. Simply, let us know date/time and we will send you a reminder to keep you on track.

Not attending the show? We don’t want you to miss out! Contact us today to arrange an online demonstration. Naace members receive a 20% discount when you purchase Skooler Pro. Contact

Have a fantastic Bett experience & see you soon.

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