Have you ever been shown a really good edtech tool but felt unsure about how to use it effectively in the classroom? Have you ever attended ‘digital technology’ INSET but not felt able to apply it to your own lesson?

Although a huge amount of teacher CPD is focused on the use of digital technology as a topic area, it is not always used effectively in the delivery of CPD in a way that allows teachers to experience the learner perspective. During the session, we will explore a range of approaches to teacher CPD that use digital tools effectively in delivery, in order to model the experience learners have when digital tools are used in their lessons.

For technology to be successfully and seamlessly used in the classroom then teachers need to feel confident and well equipped to know what it feels like to be the other side of the desk. By encouraging those leading CPD to ensure best practice with digital tools is modelled, teachers, and in turn their students, are freed from constraints in how and when learning takes place. When this happens, our understanding of the classroom and of our expectations of how and when learning happens can be significantly changed.

Some of the tools which we will look at during the session include the use of MOOCs, based on the GDST’s experience as the first school group to run MOOCs through FutureLearn; flipped learning; presentation tools; collaboration tools; and content-sharing tools such as Padlet.

Who is the session for and what will you learn?

This session will be particularly relevant for school leaders who plan and prepare CPD programmes in their schools and to practitioners (from any key stage) who deliver sessions as part of their in-house CPD training.

During the session we will explore the whys and hows of modelling effective use of digital tools in teacher training and by the end of the session attendees will take away

  • Their own and others’ plans for a CPD session that makes effective use of digital tools
  • A digital and printed resource listing effective digital tools to use in CPD delivery

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