Dear Naace Community,

Firstly, let me apologise if any of you has been feeling ignored in any way by any Naace personnel – staff or Board Members. This has been an enormously challenging few months with much uncertainty and many rumours. I hope that what follows will both give explanations and give mitigating circumstances.

As you are aware from my email to all members last month, these are financially tough times for Naace. In order to cut costs and prioritise our charitable aims, we have had to close the office in Nottingham and make all of the staff redundant. This decision was not taken lightly, nor was it in any way a “first resort”. Your Board of Management (BoM) worked tirelessly to avoid this outcome, but in the end our financial position made it inevitable.

Many people are not aware that there are actually two Naaces: Naace Charity, and Naace Trading, which is wholly owned by Naace Charity. It is the Trading arm that has ceased. During the last 6-8 weeks BoM has been preoccupied with the legal processes involved in closing the office, making five good people redundant, and transferring assets (such as the SRF, ICT Mark, 3MLA etc) from Trading to Charity so that ‘normal service’ could continue more or less uninterrupted. For me personally, this has been a demanding and stressful full time job. All BoM members have been giving considerable quantities of their time and skills to Naace in order to discharge these responsibilities as volunteers, free of charge.

You will appreciate that this work has been highly complex and confidential, which is why there have been no updates to any members.

There were more BoM vacancies than usual to be filled in the recent call for nominations. Some BoM members have had to resign recently, as the hours we are all putting in were having a negative impact on their families and young children. I understand entirely the demands of family life and running successful businesses, and I thank them for their contributions. I am also enormously grateful to the remaining members of BoM who have committed to see this through.

As I mentioned in my message to all members, Naace is nothing without its membership – be they teachers, senior leaders, sponsoring businesses, local authority and MAT advisors, independent consultants or our network of delivery partners. BoM cannot run the organisation alone. We need your help. I strongly urge you to attend our AGM in the Technology Innovation Centre Bradford ( at 12.30pm on 27 April. You can register here:

Aside the normal AGM business we will be having an open discussion about the future of Naace. I truly believe that “NAACE NEXTGEN” needs a new generation of governance that is not entrenched in how things used to be – now is not the time to try to recreate what we had, but to evolve into something fresh and new; leaner, fitter, and fit for purpose for the new generation of Ed Tech professionals coming through. Our next BoM will need vision, flexibility and energy to respond to its membership community.

Our Fellowship has already heeded the call to action, and will be meeting in Durham soon. Fellows will hear about that separately.

Naace remains a highly respected brand. Let’s protect and nurture that.


Dr Carol Porter

Acting Chair, Naace Board of Management

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  1. Carol, thank you for this message. I do understand the difficulties that you have managed, and hope that sometime in future you will get some satisfaction from a positive outcome for the continuance of the Association. I also understand the responsibilities of trustees and know that those in post were absolutely the best people to do the stressful job that they’ve had to do. I echo your hope that Naace can emerge fresher, leaner and fit for a totally different purpose to that for which it was established. I’m really sorry that the staff have all been made redundant. They were a conscientious team of very skilled individuals. If you are able to get a message to them then do please pass on that I thought a lot of them.

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