Dr Carol Porter EdD MA(Ed) BSc CNP

Carol PorterCarol manages the Technology Curriculum Support Centre in Bury LA, the ICT arm of the borough Development and Training Centre (http://www.bplc.org.uk/). Previously Carol worked as an EYFS and then Y6 primary teacher specialising in science, but with a passion for embedding ICT purposefully across the curriculum. Her MA in education led directly on to doctoral studies, which focussed on the success (or otherwise) of ICT-based CPD.

Carol is an active Naace Fellow, a Phase 2 accredited Naace PDE Tutor, and is currently a Naace Lead for the Professional Development Programme (www.naace.co.uk/pde) and a Naace Lead for Standards in Computing. She has co-written a series of Naace PDEs, adapted for both primary and secondary, and has been delivering them in the north of England. Carol has been actively involved in accrediting Phase 1 Naace PDE Tutors, she hosted one of the recent autumn series of Naace Regional Conferences, and is currently delivering a franchised face-to-face version of the Naace Primary Subject Leaders’ Course in Bury, through which Naace membership and use of the SRF is actively promoted to all Bury schools. She holds the Certified Naace Professional award.

Carol regularly runs CPD training sessions for Bury teachers, both at the Development and Training Centre and in host schools, as well as offering consultancy to senior leaders on school improvement through use of technology. Carol has significant experience with curriculum development: she was lead author for a comprehensive scheme of work that meets the requirements of the 2014 Computing Programme of Study in full, in collaboration with serving Bury primary, EYFS and SEN teachers.

Carol brings a wealth of skills and experience to all of her roles in education, having worked previously in operational and management positions in private industry. She believes that Naace has a crucial role to play in ensuring that teaching and learning is maximised through judicious and appropriate use of technology in every curriculum area. Carol enjoys the work that she currently does as a Naace Fellow, and believes that developing her service to Naace as an officer serving on the Board of Management is the best way to progress this further to the benefit of the membership.

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