Election for Naace Board of Management,

DrewI first tried to join Naace prior to the merger with ACITT and I believe that Naace’s expansion to include people in my position as well as in other capacities in the educational ICT world was a great step forward for the organisation.

I was in a group who had the vision to organise a stand for Moodle at a recent BETT Show, leading to John Davitt calling us ‘digital mavericks’. I took personal liability of £2500 so that we could have that stand which illustrates my commitment to education, collaboration and providing support to other teachers. I stand firmly behind the ‘edupunk’ ethos that is prevalent at the moment through which many teachers have adopted the use of new technologies in their classrooms.

Being a classroom teacher and Head of ICT for over 20 years I have seen many changes, but I have never forgotten the need for support, assistance and encouragement for colleagues. In addition colleagues new to such a role need assistance and support in starting out. I see the role of women in ICT and the declining numbers opting for A Level Computing & ICT courses as a particular challenge for Naace.

I have become involved with issues such as the Digital Economy Act and was the only teacher to attend the recent ORGCON at which this topic was the the sole area of discussion. The DEA is going to have serious repercussions on school students and I see ICT teachers as having an important role to play in ensuring that students do not fall foul of it. My network of contacts is so extensive that last year I was able to set up, at short notice, a meeting of around 20 notable ICT educationalists who discussed ‘ICT and CPD’ in a treehouse in Regents Park. With Theo Keuchel I also helped create the MirandaMod unconference model, a refreshing alternative to other models. I have also participated in the K-12 Online conference and as an E-Twinning ambassador I have a broader scope than most Heads of ICT in regard to how ICT can help with Community Cohesion.

Wherever I go, and whenever I get evaluations of my performance as a speaker or teacher, it is my enthusiasm which is singled out as being my strongest point and in this role I would hope to channel my enthusiasm in such a way that others might be able to be encouraged to follow my example and I, in turn, may follow their’s.

I have been lucky enough to have attended several Naace Think Tank sessions and recognise that there has never been a more important time than now for Naace to represent the users if ICT in education. I feel sure I can contribute actively to any long term vision that Naace members may have for the long term future of the organisation.

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