So, who is Martin Bailey?












I have been a Primary School teacher in the North East of England for the past sixteen years and in that time I have served as Computing lead in five different schools, across three different local authorities. During the first twelve years of my teaching career I spent four years as Assistant Headteacher of a school in Gateshead and achieved my National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH). I currently work one day per week as ‘Digital Enrichment Leader’ at Lanchester EP Primary School (Co.Durham).

Alongside my role at Lanchester EP I am director of my own company (Animate 2 Educate Ltd), which I established in 2012 and spend the other four days each week working in schools around the UK.

Although Animate 2 Educate initially specialised in the delivery of pupil animation workshops, since it was established it has grown and diversified and now covers all areas of Primary Computing and has particular focus on the use of tablet technology across the curriculum. My role would now probably be described as that of an independent Primary Computing Consultant and in addition to providing pupil workshops, I now deliver a variety of staff training sessions, courses and conferences on all areas of Primary Computing. My focus is very much on curriculum content and the strapline of my company, Bringing the Curriculum to Life very much reflects this.

In the four years since Animate 2 Educate was launched I have visited over one hundred UK Primary Schools and have worked with staff from over five hundred different schools. My experience of working with such a large number of schools ensures that I know fully the reality of what concerns schools on a day-to-day basis. This perspective is one of the main strengths that I believe that I could offer to the Naace Board of Management.

My role also allows me first-hand experience of seeing directly how things are changing over time, in terms of hardware and software provision, curriculum delivery and staff training needs. This experience will ensure that I am relaying the real concerns of schools and ensuring that these become the priorities of Naace.

Through organising my own courses and conferences I also have developed a strong working relationship with a number of Education Technology companies and I work hard to join together the three sectors of teachers, companies and consultants for the greater good of Primary Computing. My own role actually falls into all three categories and this unique position has brought great benefits to both Animate 2 Educate and to Lanchester EP and is now something that I could bring to the Naace Board of Management.

What’s his involvement with Naace?
I have been a keen supporter of Naace for many years and I feel passionately about what they try to achieve as an organisation. I have a drive to get as many teachers and companies as possible involved in Naace.

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