So, who is Steve Johnson?

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Steve has over 20 years’ experience in education starting as a Secondary Geography/ICT teacher then working in both the public/private sector across primary, secondary and HE establishments.

In his current role working for a large managed service supplier Steve acts as a subject matter expert for education helping translate school requirements into reality whist at the same time ensuring that technology plans schools have in place are sustainable moving forward. Steve also works with the EFA in his role supporting the Priority School Build Programme. As an educationalist at heart Steve promotes the objectives of Naace at every opportunity as he believes that given the reduction in support available to schools at a local level the role of Naace is critical in ensuring that schools make the best use of technology in a sustainable way. Steve also believes that the work that Naace are doing around cyber security in schools will be key moving forward especially as many schools are now working towards a cloud based solution. This is a key development area for Steve in his current job in giving schools advice on esafety/security.

Prior to his current role Steve spent a number of years working in a Local Authourity both as a City Learning Centre Director and Senior Advisor for ICT. In this role he ran a successful curriculum, technical and media support service. In a wider context fulfilled the role of Chair for CLC South and West and region.  Steve also provided support to schools as CEOP ambassador and as a 360safe Assessor.

As part of his role at the CLC had oversight of the development of both Apple and Microsoft regional training centres and the development of a number of key innovative projects working with many of the major suppliers schools have contact with today. In his role as Senior Advisor Steve worked on behalf of the schools to ensure that managed service providers provided good value for money through the BSF programme. Steve also worked on several projects encouraging the use of technology to support outdoor learning.

Steve has worked for a number of education companies/organisations including both NCSL and Becta on a consultancy basis ranging from software implementation, research projects as well as providing CPD on the effective use of ICT in education. He has presented work on the effective use of technology in education both nationally and internationally.

As well as a wealth of educational experience he brings additional skills through his own study in project management and cyber security as well as a passion for the effective use of technology in schools.

What’s his involvement with Naace?

He has been a member of Naace for many years and is an ICT Mark Assessor and a PDE Phase 1 Tutor.

What is his vision for Naace?

Steve wants to work as a member of the Naace management board acting as a conduit for member’s views to help define, support and promote the essential role of Naace in education technology now and in the future.

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