The Naace National Advice line is your free starting point for independent, high quality guidance and support on all aspects of the use of education technology to improve outcomes for learners, or the planning, delivery and assessment of the subject of Computing.  This service complements our Procurement Advisory Service, details of which can be found here.

We draw on the collective knowledge and experience of our whole membership to provide this support and guidance, which is entirely independent of any company product, or service, except those provided by Naace.   At the same time, if you require school based support, we have a national network of Delivery Partners, who will be able to help.  In this case, there may be a charge.

The service will be launched in full in January 2017.  The service will be managed, pro bono, in pilot, by Catshill Learning Partnerships.

To use the service, please complete the form below, or ring 01527 313 880, or tweet @Naace using the hashtag #adviceline.