Curriculum FrameworkSharing the current curriculum issues, concerns and debates, along with the Naace Curriculum Framework.

The Naace Curriculum Framework provides an outline for a broad and balanced approach to the ICT curriculum and this area links to examples of how it has been put in place, to professional development opportunities and to the current debates, discussions and consultations. Share your own ideas, suggestions, resources and links via the wiki and the discussion area.


Even before the announcements made by Michael Gove and the Royal Society in January 2012, consultations and preparations for an ICT curriculum evolution were underway at Naace. The Naace curriculum area is the place to find all the latest updates to the Naace Curriculum Framework, with links to resources on KS1/KS2 and KS3 areas which will be developed in order to support teachers using the framework.

Taking into consideration the announcement by Michael Gove in January 2012 and the Royal Society report that was published later that same week, we prepared outline proposals for the ICT curriculum which were taken to our members for consultation.  As a result of those consultations, we developed our Naace Curriculum Framework, with its inclusion of the important aspects of computer science which had sadly been neglected in many schools, whilst ensuring that the breadth of the subject was maintained.  A copy of the Naace Curriculum Framework, which covers Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 can be downloaded by following the link below. This will be updated to reflect the changes in the programme of study for computing as it becomes published in the Autumn Term 2013.



Naace Framework VisualThe visual representations of the curriculum show how the three strands form the basis for the suggested areas of knowledge in the proposals, with e-safety considerations running throughout all the strands. Further detail about what is meant by each of the headings may be found in the Framework. As a result of the discussions at the Curriculum Symposium at the Naace Conference 2012 and consultation with members, these have evolved and the latest versions include Third Millenium considerations (higher order thinking skills, pedagogy, environment, tools, and culture) which sweep over the whole curriculum, contributing to the themes and areas of knowledge. You may wish to join in the discussion by joining in with Naace Talk.


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