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A partnership between the MirandaNet Fellowship, Naace and EFC, De Montfort University

Innovation in technology underpins the ways in which we now work, learn and play in the modern world. By 2030, for example, we will arrive at zettascale computing which is 1,000 times more powerful and faster than the human brain – just at a time when children who are entering school now will be leaving university.[i] This convergence of powerful technology matched with innovative approaches to pedagogy suggests that we could be on the cusp of a change in how we choose to learn.

Pupils and their parents are already using technology in sophisticated ways both at home and in business; teachers, on the other hand, are more wary of how they use technology because they are not sure of the value for teaching and learning. Access to effective continuing professional development can be a key factor in helping teachers to make such decisions based on evidence from the classroom.

In this context the iCatalyst Professional Development programme is being offered to Naace members and sponsors in a collaboration between the MirandaNet Fellowship, Naace and De Montfort University.  iCatalyst is action research based CPD that brings together industry, teacher educators and advisers, senior managers in schools, teachers and university researchers. The programme has been refined by teachers and researchers since 1994 to deliver accredited, high impact and low intrusion CPD with schools.

The collaborative action research process engages teachers, advisers and industry representatives in projects that explore the value of digital technologies in the classroom in the case studies that result. The outcomes can be used in a number of ways as reports for the school governors, evidence for Pupil Premium and in case studies for the company involved.

All the participants receive awards including the pupils. Any teacher or company participant can also choose to convert their study into a 30 Point Masters module with mentoring from Education Futures Centre, De Montfort University.

We invite Naace members and sponsors to join into this initiative in which schools work closely with industry and universities to develop the best possible outcomes for their pupils

Professor Christina Preston, Naace BOM and MirandaNet Fellowship,

Dr Sarah Younie, Education Futures Research Centre, De Montfort University

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You can read more about the iCatalyst programme here

Previous action tesearch reports are here



[i]Graham Brown Martin (2014) Learning Reimagined, Bloomsbury, funded by The Qatar Foundation.