An Essential Guide to the Information Technology Strand for Key Stages 1-3

Information Technology is one of the three strands of the Computing Programme of Study. Of the strands, which are Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy, it is probably the least familiar to teachers, while at the same time being the least clearly defined within the Programme of Study. There are only two fundamental aspects. The first is that the strand is about how digital technology works in general. The second is how to use digital technology to achieve meaningful outcomes within Digital Literacy. It follows the knowledge, understanding and competence in this strand is essential if we want our pupils to achieve the aspiration of the Computing Programme of Study, ‘to understand and change the world’. To do this, we need to empower our children to solve problems and make things, using digital technology. And for them to do that, they need to know how it all works. Up to a point. This eGuide covers only what children and teachers need to know about Information Technology at key stages 1 to 3. It will not make them technicians.


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