Do you believe that Education Technology Improves Learning?

If you want to help, become a:-


Member Entry level commitment from an individual Join now
Fellow Donates additional time to the cause Join now and select ‘Fellow’
Lead Takes on responsibility
Sponsor Entry level commitment from an organisation
Partner Agrees to co-create products or services
Registered provider Agrees to deliver services to a Naace standard
Delivery partner Engages their contacts in a relationship with Naace
Intern Agrees to a contracted donation of time in return for personal development
Secondee Donates contracted time to Naace
Currently giving extra to the Naace cause are:-
SHP 30 days of Tim Scratcherd’s time as Naace Lead – projects
Carol Porter 10 days as Naace Lead – Standards and Professional Development Piota The Naace App
Outstream 5 days of Allison Allen’s time to manage a southern regional conference Broadie Associates 20 days of Roger’s time to develop and manage Third Millennium Learning
Catshill Partnership 10 days of Brett Laniosh’s time to develop the Naace advice line and online teachmeets Esito Limited 10 days of Rob Curran’s time to develop the delivery of the Procurement Advisory Service
Tyncan Learning 20 days of Mike Carter’s time to develop a Naace Computing Scheme of Work Drew Buddie 5 days to represent Naace on the UKforCE
Joskos Solutions Limited 6 days technical expertise to support the Naace back office Edable Limited 6 days of Simon Shaw’s time on various projects

If you are currently giving extra and are not on this roll of honour please accept our apologies and urgently contact the office so that we can acknowledge your contribution.  Naace also has commitments for extra support from several members in the near future.


There is also the special category of service to the community which comes when members put themselves forward for election to find out more about the Naace Board of Management, what it is and who is on it click here


Naace is also extremely grateful to all the members who have historically contributed extra to the Community and will seek to acknowledge as many as possible through the various Naace award schemes.