Become a sponsoring partner of Naace…

…a truly independent association for everyone passionate about advancing education through technology

How can my company get involved?

The Naace Charitable Sponsorship Programme provides you with an opportunity to support a truly independent association that seeks to build an even stronger community voice that in turn enables us to influence policy for the benefit of ALL involved in technology in education.

The programme enables us to build long-term partnerships that deliver clear benefits to our industry partners and vital funds to us.

But don’t just take our word for it…



Founded in 1999, SHP is an independent transformational change management consultancy, specialising in transforming learning and teaching, and working in partnership with schools on the full range of school improvement issues and it’s one of Naace’s long standing sponsoring partners.




Why does Naace need Sponsoring Partners?
  • Naace seeks to influence policy at a national level through advice, membership of working parties, consultancy, response to policy documents and its own initiatives in the field of technology in education such as a provision of high-quality CPD, support, guidance and resource.
  • Naace is in regular contact with key decision makers in government departments and strategic organisations in all four countries of the UK. These activities can incur considerable expense.
  • Naace is a charitable organisation which cannot meet its objectives purely through subscriptions paid by Members. Many Sponsoring Partners have been willing to share this expense with us.
Sponsorship enables Naace to:
  • conduct day-to-day and strategic business of the Association
  • represent Members in consultation with government, industry and other stakeholders
  • fund a wide range of projects and activities


We are most grateful for Sponsors’ financial support, which has most recently enabled us to e.g.:
  • Host FREE CPD events like The Naace Third Millennium Hothouse helping schools and teachers to understand how to use technology so they’re not afraid of investing in it and can see real benefits of using it in the classroom;
  • Continue to host the Self-review Framework – a self- evaluation tool used by thousands of schools across the UK; and run the ICT Mark accreditation scheme – helping schools to understand how to best use technology for their benefit;
  • Continue our work to showcase excellence in schools and practitioner led developments in organisations through the 3rd Millennium Learning Award scheme and extended Naace Impact Awards;
  • Be able to work on various CPD developments;
  • Produce high quality publications for use FREE of charge by members – these include our regular Newsletter, Advancing Education Journal and the Naace Essential Guides;


And much more…