Naace Newsletter 29 January 2016

Naace launches new community website
Keynote speakers announced for the National Education Technology Conference 2016 – Making IT Better
Post Bett’ism
Computing Science is also affected as schools choose traditional sciences
BESA Naace Education Technology Briefing Paper
Self-review Framework Review
Safer Internet Day fast approaching – 9 February 2016
Dave Smith interviewed at Bett
Nicky Morgan: Bett Show speech 2016
What is new in the world of EdTech?
ICT Mark news
Global Projects
Creative Technology Use in K-12
Minecraft to launch education edition
New drive to protect children from ‘spell of twisted ideologies’
BBC Micro Bit mini-computer faces further delay
Time spent online ‘overtakes TV’ among youngsters
Naace partners win Bett awards
Sponsors’ corner
Bits and pieces

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Naace BOM blog: E-safeguarding and Online Safety

“We need pedagogy free from fear and focused on the magic of children’s innate quest for information and understanding” Sugata Mitra

Preparing for Safer Internet Day gave me pause for reflection; it is just over a year since the launch of the new computing curriculum in England and so much has changed.

In fact much of the new content was present in the old ICT curriculum, but the emphasis on computational thinking, algorithms and programming has changed and is more emphatic. It is interesting that online safety was never explicit in ICT, but it is in computing. However, when running PDE courses, the most striking aspect of the focus of interest was the teachers’ panic over learning to programme, caused, I suspect by the use of some quite challenging language in the programme of study. Phrases such as; “design, use and evaluate computational abstractions that model the state and behaviour of real-world problems and physical systems”, proved to be a real feature. By contrast teachers felt confident about online safety to the extent that some were quite blasé and felt “it just happens”!

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Naace BOM blog: Essential questions schools should ask their ICT service partners

A blogpost by Nick Madhavji, Managing Director of Joskos Solutions and member of the Naace Board of Management

Why outsource your ICT support?

Working with an outsourced ICT service provider is a considered investment that can free up resources within schools, enabling in-house teams to switch from reactive trouble-shooting to proactive ICT strategy and planning. Ultimately leading to a positive impact on teaching and learning.

A good/outstanding outsourced support partner will provide a scalable range of services that are tailored to a school’s specific needs, and will adapt over time. Additionally, schools will have access to a wide pool of staff with specialist knowledge, industry certifications and the ability to trouble-shoot with vendors at the highest level via their chosen IT partner.

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New cyber security training for teachers helps boost UK skills base

Teachers can now brush up on their cyber security skills, and pass them forward to their students, as part of a new CPD course from the Tech Partnership and Naace.

The 10-module Cyber Aware Teacher course focuses on areas vital to modern cyber security, including password security, malware, encryption, cyber bullying and more, through a range of interactive games and videos.

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