Naace @ Bett 2017

Naace and Bett have developed over 30 plus years of association to represent education technology as a key tool for school improvement and an effective methodology for improving outcomes for learners. These two agendas are of enormous importance to school leaders and to others and, while attending BETT will inspire and invigorate, supporting Naace for the benefits of sustained collaboration and support is equally important in the long term.

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Naace Newsletter 20 January 2017

The annual Education Technology Conference is taking place this March – will you be joining us?
Join us for the NaaceMeet – a teachmeet style event and networking dinner at the National Education Technology Conference 2017
Naace at Bett – stand G135
Assessment and a New Partnership
Successful school does it again
How can technology assist dyslexic learners?
Schools aggregated procurement for tablets, laptops and desktops
The EdTech Podcast Weekly – Latest Episode Links
Sponsors’ Corner

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Successful school does it again

“This is really a brilliant example of Third Millennium Learning”

Park Road Primary School shows exceptional use of technology across many aspects of teaching and learning both in school and beyond. This supports and enhances the learning experience of pupils and the school demonstrates outstanding communication activity across the whole school and community.

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How can technology assist dyslexic learners?

10% of the population are estimated to be dyslexic. That means that for every ten of your colleagues, or ten of your students, or ten of your relatives or friends, on average, 1 has dyslexia. In the work place, the law stipulates that you must make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to accommodate the needs of dyslexics. That might mean managing overloading environments such as open plan offices, adjusting intranets or screens so that they are less stimulating, allowing for longer time periods for organisation or kicking off a dyslexia mentoring scheme within your place of work. But what is being done before work, in schools, colleges, and Universities to move the national dialogue to one which celebrates neuro-diversity at the earliest moment?

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Naace Newsletter 6 January 2017

In this edition:

Mind the digital skills gap: Naace conference workshop
Skype in the Classroom
School wins high praise
Primary school leads the way on parental engagement
The EdTech Podcast Weekly #46 – with Prof Stephen Heppell
Opportunity for Naace members at Bett 2017
Children left to fend for themselves in the digital world
Sponsors’ corner
Bits and pieces

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