In this week's edition: * Free event! Learning Unlimited – Naace Regional Conference, London and South: Friday 21 October 2016 * Naace Members – the deadline for submitting proposals to lead a breakout session at the 2017 National Ed Tech Conf is this Monday 26 September 2016 * Naace benchmarking and inspiring collaborative development * GiDT training available now * Pupil internet use survey * Do you know enough about your students’ wellbeing online? * Harmful sexual behaviour among children and young people- NICE guideline * ISTE appoints Cheryl Scott Williams Interim CEO * lllinois Computing Educators – ICE – a long standing tradition of dedicated and supportive educators * Anniversary of the photocopier? * Running showcase lessons with parents * The Trends and Challenges Shaping Technology Adoption In Schools * Full release of Minecraft: Education Edition coming in November * The EDTECH podcast * Introduction from new Naace sponsor: Stay Compliant * Sponsors’ Corner
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