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Airhead is the Bett award-winning cloud desktop for schools, colleges and universities that runs in your browser on any connected device including laptops, tablets and phones. We make it simple to use multiple cloud services by offering launchpads for fast, easy access and flightdecks for collecting information and resources in one place.

About Us

 “Harness the power of the Cloud to provide more learning for less money.”

For decades schools have poured money into expensive IT solutions better suited for businesses, and often requiring proprietary hardware and software. We’re all about changing that, using applications and data storage in the cloud.

The web is brimming with tools for learning, creating, organising, communicating and sharing. These tools offer far better value for money than their ‘old world’ equivalents, are much easier to deploy, and are available from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Airhead creates software that brings all of these tools and resources together, such as our eponymous cloud desktop for schools and AirBase our repository of educational resources.

“Play well with others.”

The education world has seen enough monolithic software products that require users to work in a particular ways to achieve things that they can already do perfectly well using other tools. We believe that software fit for the 21st Century doesn’t do that, but should work with the tools that users are already using.

We believe in open standards.

“Simple is good.”

We believe that software that requires users to go on training courses or to read Help files is just plain bad software. We pride ourselves on building products that users can use immediately, and which are fun to use.