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Blue Bean Data is a pioneering technology distribution company specialising in EdTech. We are interesting in new ideas and startups that one day will make technological breakthrough and have an impact on our future. We have a team of talented designers, developers and marketing gurus to help these new startups to launch their products. We are also working with many forward thinking schools and teachers who are happy to provide a perfect nest for these new ideas to grow up as groundbreaking products.

About Us

We research for new ideas and inventions that one day will make technological breakthrough.

JumpidoMathematics made fun with Kinect for Windows

Multi award-winning game Jumpido is designed to teach and support primary maths concepts using next generation motion sensor technology – Microsoft Kinect for Windows. These fun, energetic, easy-to-play games in Jumpido also promote physical activity and collaboration.

To play Jumpido, pupils will be asked to jump, stretch and squat as they engage with each game. Every time pupils play, the math problems asked will be different. What’s more, children of all abilities can play! Thanks to Jumpido’s adaptive content, problem difficulty increases when students answer correctly and decreases when answered incorrectly.

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