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Corporate Business Information Systems (CBIS) was started in 2004, with the aim of providing software & hardware solutions for all sizes of business.

About Us

In October 2012, we were approached by a secondary school in Yorkshire, with a requirement to help engage some of their students using robotics.

We agreed to help and assembled some robotics kits for a 2 hour workshop with a mixture of 30 Year 8 & Year 9s. The results were excellent, 100% engagement and within 2 hours, everyone had attempted some programming.

This spurred us on to turn the kits into a product available for all schools, and in October 2013 after a year of development and refinement, we launched our “Open & Get on with it” kits at a conference in London to gain valuable feedback.

With feedback received, some further refinements and a rebranded business, we launched to the world as CBiS Education in January 2014 at the Bett Show London

Since then we have gone from strength to strength, providing our resources to schools all over the UK & in several other countries.

Our equipment maximises engagement, even with difficult to engage with students, our content supports & trains teachers, even if they have no previous skill sets and our advanced technology has a great SEN perspective which provides enrichment, insight & enablement and increases understanding of students as they are learning.

We continue to innovate and have recently released our “Cardboard2Code” modules for free – it is an exciting time for us, we are launching a new kit and have starting studies to measure impact of our resources.

We maintain our ethos, that anything is possible with Innovation, Engineering & Computing

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