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E-safety Support is an online service that offers everything you need to deliver consistent, outstanding e-safety practice across your school to help keep your pupils & staff safe online and meet Ofsted requirements.

About Us

E-safety Support will save you time with ready-to-use resources that help you deliver excellent practice in teaching online and Internet safety. Get started with free E-safety guidance and articles in our weekly email updates and special reports. Join as a Premium or Premium Plus member for access to online training modules for staff, governors, pupils and parents, E-safety policies, sharing tools, lesson plans and teaching resources.

E-safety, which covers ‘online safety’ or ‘Internet Safety’, is a crucial part of modern education. Schools have a remit not only to ensure good e-safety practice in school but also to deliver the education required to allow pupils and students to make critical judgements and keep themselves safe when using the Internet and communications technology when away from the school environment.

This unique service puts up-to-date e-safety policy documents, assessment tools, lesson plans and other teaching resources, training materials and practical guidance at your fingertips, making it easy to share e-safety policy and practice with pupils, parents, teachers and other members of your school community.

E-safety Support will help you to meet Ofsted’s requirement of delivering a clear strategy that promotes shared responsibility for e-safety and Internet safety, enabling everyone to enjoy using new technologies safely as part of a rich learning experience.