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eCadets is the UK’s leading, multi award winning pupil-led online safety education programme for 3-18yr olds.

Led by pupils, the eCadets act as the peer mentors who train their classmates through a series of curriculum based activities. The programme also provides an instant messenger facility which supports the eCadets in answering any questions they may have and provides all pupils with a safe platform to converse with each other within the same year group via Bubble.


About Us

eCadets was created to keep children safe. It does this by empowering youngsters to keep their peers safe with all of their online interactions.

It is delivered through schools where pupils are empowered and assisted as eCadets in becoming knowledgeable about how to stay safe online and spread that knowledge to their peers and whole school community effectively.

To find out more or to book a demo of the eCadet programme please contact or visit our website