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EES for Schools (owned by Essex County Council) provides a range of specialist education services all focused on improving school effectiveness. Our mission is to help schools of all types become (and stay) the best places of learning they can possibly be.

We work with over 4,500 schools across the UK and in 21 countries worldwide, delivering sophisticated software (including Target Tracker which is now used by over 25% of primary schools), training and consultancy services in the areas of school effectiveness and improvement, pupil assessment and progress tracking, clerking, finance, HR, governor services and school library services.

A comprehensive review of the international research base into school effectiveness led us to ‘The 25 Characteristics of High-Performing Schools’ which form the foundations of our new School Effectiveness+ service. SE+ supports a school-led improvement system, allowing schools to evaluate themselves, identify their strengths and weaknesses, benchmark against other schools, and have a clear view of their improvement priorities. The service has been successfully trialled in Essex schools over the last year.

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About Us

Over 25% of primary schools in England use the company’s innovative Target Tracker software, which provides a clear and effective way of recording formative and summative assessment, enabling teachers to quickly identify where support and challenge is needed for individuals and groups, as well as providing the attainment and progress data for a range of stakeholders such as parents, governors, Ofsted, etc.

Against a backdrop of a constantly changing education landscape and when school leaders are stretched for time, it is increasingly difficult to know what to focus on to become and remain a high-performing school.  Support previously provided by local authorities and national bodies has diminished, budgets are being squeezed even further, the expectations of Ofsted, the curriculum and floor standards have been raised and there is an expectation to develop school-led improvement and not to work in isolation.

Finding out how highly-effective schools do what they do, what approaches they use and how they evidence their success became a priority for EES for Schools.  Identifying what makes an effective school required a back–to-basics approach. Working with school leaders and education experts, the company undertook a comprehensive review of the major national and international research into school effectiveness from the past 15 years.

The research established 25 characteristics that form the foundations of an effective school within the six dimensions of learning, teaching, leadership, governance, people management and business management. As an example, we all know that leadership is important, but the key question is which leadership behaviours make the biggest difference in highly effective schools?  This led EES to an innovative concept that allows schools to collaborate and support each other to create a genuinely self-improving system.  Based on ‘The 25 Characteristics of High-Performing Schools’, School Effectiveness+ (SE+) is a complete system for school-led improvement. It combines an intuitive, online self-evaluation tool with professional advice, high quality CPD and high-impact, target-driven programmes of school-led improvement.