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 Fujitsu is an IT company offering a complete range of products, services and solutions. From looking after applications and protecting data, to managing supercomputers around the world, we’re helping businesses everywhere to become more innovative and efficient.

About Us

As the largest Japanese employer in the region, we employ 14,000 people who work with us every day to keep the UK and Ireland running smoothly, with our products and services touching 99% of the UK population every day.

Our commitment to responsible business and winning the right way has seen Fujitsu named as Responsible Business of the Year at Business in the Community’s Responsible Business Awards. This prestigious award recognises Fujitsu as most effectively integrating sustainability issues, and promoting the use of technology as a force for good. Please see our Winners Case Study and press release.

Fujitsu has also achieved achieve a 5 star rating in Business in the Community’s 2015 Corporate Responsibility Index, scoring 99%, demonstrating how being responsible is at the core of our business model. We are also proud to work alongside our charity partner Action for Children.

Reshaping ICT, Reshaping Business and Society

Fujitsu touches the lives of millions of people every day

  • our technology enables people to apply for passports, pay taxes and claim pensions
  • we’re helping to save tax payers money by working with HMRC to detect over £100 million of fraud and error
  • Fujitsu innovations have resulted in more than 100,000 global patents
  • Over 20,000 retail outlets in the UK rely on our technology
  • We manage over 2.5 million desktops across Europe, including over a million in the UK and Ireland
  • Over 40% of the UK’s broadband network is built on Fujitsu infrastructure
  • Fujitsu technology enables utility companies to supply energy to more than 12 million households and a million businesses across the UK
  • We’ve been recycling PCs for over 25 years – nothing goes to landfill
  • Ever since Fujitsu began operations as a manufacturer of communications equipment in 1935, and then in 1954 when we developed our first computer, we have always been in constant pursuit of innovation. At Fujitsu we see information technology as part of the bigger picture and as one of the world’s largest ICT providers we work towards bringing a prosperous future that fulfills the dreams of people throughout the world. To find out more about our vision for the future, and how technology can create a better world, visit the Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision pages.