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About Us

About Us:

Futurform ICT works in partnership with your school to enhance learning by creating innovative, fit-for-purpose ICT Solutions. We understand that every school is different, with their own challenges and ambitions. By focusing on outcomes, we provide a real partnership to deliver customised solutions that reflect your school priorities.

What makes us different?

We are a real partner to our schools, supporting them from the very start of a project, through to its completion and into the future. We follow a learning-led approach, refined over many successful projects, to ensure our schools receive a fully customised solution that delivers against their outcomes.

Our Approach



We take time to understand your school’s vision for ICT, what challenges you face and what you want to achieve. By auditing staff, students and your ICT, we gain a better understanding of how your ICT strategy can underpin your School Improvement Plan to ensure ICT delivers against your priorities.


Every school is different, so by taking the time to understand your requirements, we create a customised ICT solution.


Recognising the need for reliability to maximise teaching time, measures are put in place allowing us to deliver a guaranteed level of service, delivering ICT that just works. By creating a robust ICT solution, you benefit from a strong foundation that can be built on over time.


ICT can increase opportunities to learn and teach. Our scheduled on-site ICT support services deliver professional assistance to ensure your schools technology is working.