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iCT4 have been providing ICT services to schools since 2002. Originally formed as part of the Cornwall Council Learning Partnership and now a limited company covering all of the UK.

About Us

From the directors to our engineers; we spend the majority of our time in schools. We believe passionately that this gives us the experience and understanding to ensure we’re providing the best possible service for all budgets .

Glyn Pascoe
Managing Director, ICT4
Glyn joined the team in 2005 and in addition to looking after his schools, he manages to find the time to run the company and develop the ongoing strategy for all service offerings at iCT4. He’s a father of a young family and keen kayaker, so where he gets the time from is anyone’s guess!
Josh Hosking
Director, ICT4
Josh joined in 2010 and helps to run the company whilst working with his schools in the south-west and beyond. Josh is a keen web developer, gadget obsessive and is currently rebuilding his (second) house from scratch!
James Shackley
Client Services Manager, ICT4
James joined in 2015 having worked in education since 2005, both for schools and education software providers. James runs the Gloucestershire office and supports schools across the UK. He’s a musical instrument tutor, keen technologist, self-confessed Apple fanboy and father to his son Mikey who is already receiving regular drum lessons at the age of two!
Guy Phillips
Senior ICT Engineer, ICT4
Guy joined iCT4 in 2011, having worked in education as an IT Technician for three years. Guy looks after a number of schools and helps to manage the other engineers and ensure that high levels of quality are delivered by all staff. Guy is at home in the sea and even enjoys a bit of tombstoning at the weekends – he’s also learning to play the guitar so the office Christmas party already has its own band!
Chris Cook
ICT Support Engineer, ICT4
Chris joined in 2014 and has over 7 years of experience as a primary school teacher. Prior to this Chris worked as a software engineer and now works with a number of iCT4 schools to help support them with the new computing curriculum. Chris leads a number of well-attended training sessions and workshops throughout the year to cover all areas of ICT in schools, from programming with Scratch to getting the most from your interactive whiteboard! Chris is also a keen surfer and currently writing a number of his own apps – remember us when you’re rich and famous, Chris!
Ben Briggs
ICT Support Engineer, ICT4
Ben is another one of our newer recruits – having joined ICT4 in 2015. As a father of a young family he’s busy at home. We keep him very busy too – he’s our guru at Microsoft cloud technologies and office 365 migrations!