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We believe that ICT, whether that’s tablets, computers, ChromeBooks or anything else should improve teaching and learning at school. Technology in the classroom should be student centred and teacher friendly, engaging students deeper in their learning and making the lives of teachers easier. We work with schools, colleges and education institutes across the UK to do just this.

About Us

Learn how a inner city secondary school increased student engagement by 98% in a underperforming GCSE maths department, and how teachers reduced their marking cycle from 2 weeks to just 2 days.

Learn how a London primary used iPads to run a cutting edge 5 day project that saw 15 mixed ability and aged students come together to create a working iPad app, and earn a NAACE Impact Award nomination.
Learn how a debut headteacher transitioned a high performing primary school into a cutting edge digital learning environment where students regularly created engaging and interactive classroom content.