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YouTeachMe is a simple idea – reward teachers, and their schools, for creating and using quality teaching videos in lessons; then use the power of the internet to make these videos available for other teachers to use in their lessons.

About Us

About YouTeachMe

YouTeachMe is a first in the field of education. It is a collaboration of education professionals who can efficiently support one another and improve education opportunities for all learners. In the face of ever increasing expectations and ever decreasing support, YouTeachMe is the place for teachers to share their teaching, learn from others and enjoy unique rewards.

About YTM Education Ltd

YTM Education Ltd was founded in 2012 by a serving Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher. Working together to move on a school in challenging circumstances, the concept for YouTeachMe was born out of a shared desire to enable effective collaboration between teachers. Our aim is to ensure that teachers have the support and recognition that they deserve and that every child is able to learn more effectively through the use of technology


Targeting learners with focussed videos designed to support or challenge them will accelerate progress. Enabling teachers to watch and use others’ videos creates a supportive network of professionals improving their practice together. Old technologies, used in new ways, really can enhance the work of every teacher and benefit every child.

The site has unique features. Teachers are able to create sequences of videos and push these out to children and parents through individual pupil access. School staff can link with colleagues in their own school to easily share resources and are encouraged to join wider professional networks.