All Naace professional development events have these elements:

  • face to face, facilitated by accredited tutors
  • an online presence which supports online networking before, during and after the event and acts as a repository for all course resources, including those donated by delegates themselves
  • short term and medium term evaluation, focussing on measuring impact
  • ongoing support for dialogue, and resource sharing and development if a delegate is a Naace member
  • quality assured by a Naace NMSP.

All delegates will be expected to be, or become, Naace members.  For most events, fees to attend the events will reflect that, with six months membership included in the fee.  Existing members will have their own membership extended to reflect the added fee.

Developing and running your own event

Using the quality standards for Naace professional development, Naace can also accredit members’ own events.  Events will need to meet those standards and be available for other tutors to deliver under the umbrella of a Naace NMSP and the terms of an agreed licence. The licensing agreement will be between the tutor, Naace and the event authors, with the intellectual property of the authors being recognised in all materials and publicity.

Members who are not NMSPs are strongly recommended to obtain the support of an NMSP before submitting, to help ensure that the event is welcomed and will actually take place.

If you are interested in having your own event accredited as Naace professional development , please contact us at