Naace professional development tutors are able to deliver Naace professional development. They go through a rigorous accreditation process, with a NMSP providing quality assurance for their facilitation of professional development events.

There are two phases for tutor accreditation (find out more below about accreditation opportunities):

Accreditation must be renewed every three years and tutors commit to participation in a regular quality assurance programme. A code of practice is followed by tutors.

If you are interested in becoming an accredited tutor, please contact


Phases of accreditation

Phase 1 tutor accreditation days provide an opportunity to explore the professional development programme in more detail, to participate in practical facilitation sessions, and to be observed leading the delivery of a session.  Participants who satisfy the criteria for tutors will be awarded a Phase 1 Tutor Certificate and are then able to lead a Naace professional development event if they are a NMSP, or if they come under the umbrella coverage of an NMSP.

Phase 2 tutor accreditation is a quality assurance visit undertaken by a Naace appointed representative, to observe delivery of an event.  On satisfactory completion of this, tutors will be able to continue delivering events.  Provided a tutor has delivered at least one event each year, feedback has been positive and quality assurance visits have been satisfactory, tutors will be able to renew their accreditation at the end of three years.  All Naace accredited tutors must go through the Phase 2 quality assurance process and phase 2 tutor accreditation will not be awarded as a result of prior learning or experience – it is essential that evidence of best practice is up to date.

Current professional development tutors

Phase 2 
  • Tim Scratcherd, Naace Fellow, Naace lead, professional development
  • Julie Frankland, Naace Fellow
  • Carol Porter, Naace Fellow, Naace lead, professional development
  • Roger Broadie, Naace lead, PR
  • Richard Allen
  • Allison Allen
  • Penny Earl, Naace Fellow
  • Richard Cook
  • Kathy Wilson
  • Mike Hamilton
  • Paul Wright
  • Martin Bailey
  • Helen Crossley
  • Adam Chase
  • Cherise Duxbury
  • Casey Lynchey
Phase 1 
  • Mike Carter
  • Paul Heinrich, Naace Fellow
  • Kathy Wilson
  • Phil Blackburn, Naace Fellow
  • Simon Shaw, Naace Fellow
  • Steve Johnson
  • Brian Beal
  • Kate Bridgett
  • Chris Enright, Naace Fellow
  • Nick Speller
  • Tracy Tierney
  • Lesley Simm
  • Siobhan Ramsey
  • Bernard Dady
  • Jane Finch
  • Kathy Olsson
  • Myles Pilling
  • Anne Westoby
  • David Tidman
  • Victoria Parsons