This service, developed in collaboration with the Department for Education, will add to the generic advice provided by the DfE, with tools and support to help meet the specific needs of schools.

The Risk Assessment tool gives key questions in four topics, so that schools can judge the extent to which they are compliant with the statutory aspects of procurement. Each topic is linked to DfE advice.  This tool has been developed pro bono by Esito.

The Impact tool allows schools to track the costs, update requirements, and impact of their infrastructure inventory, allowing in particular schools to work out if they are making effective use of existing resource to generate impact on learning.  This tool has been developed pro bono by Bradford’s Curriculum Innovation Service.

Schools can also obtain the services of a qualified Naace Procurement Mentor,  expert in both the generic advice, and the use of the Naace tools.

The service will be launched in full in January 2017.  The service will be managed pro bono, in pilot, by Esito, on behalf of Naace.

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Currently, The Department for Education have produced procurement guidance specifically for school use.  The guidance encompasses advice on all types of procurement from low value/ low complexity to high value/complex projects, and covers all stages from requirements gathering to contract management/exit planning.

The guidance has been sectionalised so that if there is part of the process you need to improve your knowledge on then you can reference that section quickly and easily without having to page through detail that you do not require.  Alternatively you can read through section by section covering all aspects if you so wish.  The information resides on a central area and is being expanded to provide schools with a “one stop shop” for all things procurement.


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