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With the new curriculum in mind Julia Briggs reports on her research with Year 6 pupils programming in Scratch while Catherine Naamani and Michael Vallance describe an Anglo-Japanese project using Lego robots in a collaborative learning environment. The coding theme continues with a report by Siobhan Ramsey on the Festival of Code 2013 run by Young Rewired State.

With the new curriculum in mind Nick Jackson and Ian Guest have been researching an approach to sharing resources to teach Computing via an established subject-based online community and with an emphasis on Key Stage 3. Mobile technologies are becoming well established in some schools and in teacher education. Christopher Dann from the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia provides a fascinating paper on the use of mobile technology to increase formative knowledge for the learner in a classroom context, the learners in this case being pre-service teachers.

In our final papers Judy Bloxham discusses augmented reality in the FE and HE sectors, Allison Allen considers how schools might maximise the potential of learning technologies and ensure they are obtaining value for their investment while Nadia Hyeon explores how technology inspires creativity in the classroom. Finally and with the e-safety theme in mind Naace sponsoring partner Lightspeed systems provides a short guide to web filtering in today’s schools.


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