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Christian Smith highlights the need for high quality e-safety teaching of parents as well as children with his concerns over the social and safety aspects of the computer games being played at home and elsewhere. 3D has moved beyond the novelty stage and Peter Kemp explores an experiment with 3D animation in schools, noting that the UK has, ‘one of the world’s largest digital arts and games industries’. While reform to the ICT curriculum is just coming to England other EU countries are ahead of us and Bob Harrison reports on developments in Estonia. How can technology support the development of reading skills? Marion Long has developed an online system using music and images called Rhythm for Reading that is having very positive results in raising standard as explained in this report. Many of us are aware of the disconnect between classroom and workplace, with the two perhaps diverging further as schools look to the past. Jim Wynn considers how embracing technology, adopting more efficient teaching methods and creating a connected classroom can help tackle this problem. Elsewhere Espresso provide an example of their Espresso Coding product in use in school and Epson explain their Finger-touch interactive projectors.


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