The Naace newsletters are an important and valued service to Naace members, partners and the wider education technology community. They bring together news of national and international interest and link out to blogs from members and others as well as shorter snippets and news from our partners. Naace members are encouraged to blog their news on the Naace website so that we can link to it in the newsletter, along with information about Naace events, news from our partners and recently uploaded resources.

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Naace style

We have a very simple Naace style guide, see here.

Naace Newsletter Dates and Deadlines 2016 – 2017

Information for Partners

There are opportunities for Naace sponsoring partners to submit short articles for inclusion in Naace newsletters. There are two main opportunities:

Sponsor ‘specials’

An opportunity for all sponsors to highlight offerings of a directly ‘commercial’ nature, including specifics of pricing where relevant. Often, sponsors will wish to inform members about the location of their stand for an event like Bett, or at Naace conferences and events. Articles should be short with reference (as required) to details on company websites. Length, two or three medium paragraphs. (Approximately 200 words – no more than a third of a page of A4 in 12pt text, including heading.) Please write a headline intended to draw members’ attention to your article and a link back to further information. Sponsor ‘specials’ are normally produced on the first or second Friday at the start of each half term.

Sponsors’ Corner in Members’ Newsletter

Each members’ newsletter has a dedicated Sponsors’ Corner designed to allow a sponsor to make a short announcement. The copy is strictly limited to 40 words, including a title if used, plus a link- articles over 40 words will be truncated or not included. All sponsors are invited to contribute to this as frequently as they wish- see the publication dates and in particular the copy deadlines.


Information should be targeted, as finished pieces ready for publication, rather than ‘cut and paste’ from a press release. The editor may make suggestions for amendments, but suitable pieces will normally be accepted ‘as is’. The Naace membership is a broad audience of teachers, managers, education officers, and senior staff at government agencies. What these have in common is a role in promoting learning through education technology. If it doesn’t relate to technology (through the  curriculum or use of education technology to support other objectives in school) it is not relevant. The newsletter goes out to members bi-weekly during term-time.


The deadline is normally noon the day before publication although the sponsor specials are normally a few days earlier in the week.

Further opportunities

The newsletter features an occasional ‘guest column’. Although these are not intended to have a product emphasis, they may still mention product in passing. Thus, if you have a particularly good example of classroom practice, especially if written up by a practitioner we would be interested. Articles of 500-1000 words, and longer educational articles may be appropriate for our other publication “Advancing Education” (

Contact: Chris Stott

Guidance for staff creating newsletters

A short guide is available to staff to assist in the sending out of newsletters, available here.