ICTMarkThe award for schools with good use of technology to support teaching, learning and school administration. Deservedly popular with schools wanting to demonstrate both effective and mature use of technology. Schools use this award to drive change and many are, or go on to be, outstanding.




You must complete the Self-review Framework before applying for ICT Mark assessment. You can find out more about the Self-review Framework on this website. The ICT Mark award is valid for three years from the date that the Award is confirmed.

When you are ready to apply for ICT Mark assessment you can complete our online application form.

You will need to:

  • double-check that you have met or exceeded the ICT Mark threshold (level 2) in all aspects, and have completed a supporting commentary for each aspect or if you prefer for each strand;
  • complete the online booking form in the online tool (www.naacesrf.com) at the bottom of the Overview screen (only available when all aspects are at level 2 or above).

The ICT Mark office will collect your evidence from the Self-review Framework, check it, then arrange for an ICT Mark assessor to contact you to fix a mutually convenient date for the assessment.

We usually allow four weeks from receipt of your booking form for an assessment visit can be arranged – this is to give us time to process the application, check your evidence, contact a suitable assessor and then for the assessor to fix a mutually convenient date with you.  However, we always try to accommodate, so please do contact us and we will do our very best to process applications as soon as possible.

Please be aware that by applying for the ICT Mark you are authorising Naace to access the details on your Self-review Framework as part of the assessment process.

Help?  Please email us at ictmark@naace.co.uk and we will do our best to deal with your query promptly.

Looking for a course to help you work towards the ICT Mark?

Naace has developed a Self-review Framework (SRF) support course for personnel who are working with and within schools to support their progression through the SRF, with special emphasis on how to assist schools in achieving ICT Mark accreditation.  There are a number of dates and venues to choose from please click here for more details.