Why should ICT Mark assessors join Naace?

The core activity of Naace is as a membership organisation, serving the needs of members and meeting its charitable objectives. We have taken the decision that the services and events that we arrange should support these two requirements and as such feel that our assessors should be full participant members of our community. We have decided to keep the cost of this year’s events extremely low to support those who do not already have full membership. As part of the Naace community assessors will not only reap the existing benefits of Naace membership but will be able to access new and exciting initiatives tailored to provide increased opportunities for them.

Are the fees for independent schools, academies and free schools the same as for schools under local authority control?

Yes, fees are not dependent on the status of the school.

What has happened to the Intermediary Model?

The Intermediary Model (IM) has now been transferred to Naace Marked Service Providers (NMSPs).  If your organisation was previously operating the IM all the same features of the scheme are still available if you hold the NMSP.  Additional features in the online tool allow you to allocate faciliators and assessors to schools and access the Self-review Framework data directly from the tool.

Will the moderation of 1st and subsequent 10th assessments still occur?

The process for the first moderated assessment for new assessors is unchanged however assessors will not receive payment for the assessment; the registration fee payable by assessors will remain unaltered at £150. The fee to the lead assessor will be £250 as per a standard assessment.
The process for the tenth assessment quality review has been amended. All assessors completing ten assessments will be subject to the standard quality review which examines assessment reports and feedback from schools; the registration fee payable by assessors will remain unaltered at £150. A proportion of all tenth assessments (currently 15%) will be sampled through a moderated visit, the costs of which will be met by Naace.

How many pupils is a small / large primary?

Small Primary, SEN, EY School:    Less than 100 pupils
Large Primary, SEN, EY School:    100 pupils or more