Will I have to provide mountains of paperwork as evidence?

No. The assessment is based on the professional judgement of an accredited assessor who will visit your school and talk to school leaders, staff and learners. There should be an opportunity for you to provide online and paper based evidence as part of the visit. Renewals may optionally be carried out without the assessor visit

What do I have to include as comments and evidence in the online self-review tool?

It is expected that the comments will provide information about how the school meets or exceeds the threshold level in the specific aspect. Alternatively, information might be provided on where an assessor might find or hear about this as part of the assessment visit. For example, a reference to school plans, meeting minutes, other documentation, interviews with key staff or pupils, outcomes of observations, learners work, etc. Try to ensure that the assessor can understand how your school ticks from the information you provide.

Do I have to provide commentary on every single aspect?

That is your choice; you may comment on each aspect or you may prefer to comment only at strand level (there are 13 strands in total) but do include commentary relevant to each aspect. It is important that you provide the assessor with sufficient information to plan the assessment even if it is only a sentence or short paragraph about each aspect to give a feel for your school context.

Do I need to fill in the ‘Action Points’ to reach next level box?

No; use this box for your own purposes in planning your next steps. It does not form part of the assessment process.

What will an assessor expect to see in school?

The assessor will need to walk around the school and  talk to the staff and children. The agenda for the visit will be agreed before the day and you will have an idea of what the assessor needs to see.  Further information is available about what the assessment visit will be like at www.naace.co.uk/967.

I have an ICT consultant who has worked with us on supporting our self-review.  If they are an accredited assessor can I use them for my assessment?

I’m afraid not. The assessor needs to take an impartial view of the school and as such must be someone who has not supported the school in its ICT development work.

I think I have reached the threshold in five elements of the self-review framework. Can I apply for the ICT Mark?

You need to have confidence and be able to demonstrate that you have achieved the threshold in all aspects of each of the six elements of the Self-review framework before you can proceed to assessment.

How long will the assessor be in school?

The assessor will spend about two hours going through your Self-review Framework  comments and evidence prior to the visit and will be in school for about half a day to discuss with staff and learners the standards of e-maturity reached.

How can I be assured of the assessor’s skills?

All assessors have undertaken a rigorous selection programme which covers a range of tasks to ensure they have the knowledge, understanding and competencies to work as assessors.  All assessors will have completed an accompanied and moderated assessment to ensure client focus and an appropriate relationship with schools.

Do assessors have criminal records checks in place?

It is your responsibility to ensure that anyone visiting your school has the appropriate clearance. It is not expected that assessors will work with children unaccompanied.

I have some really good work going on in school. Will the assessor be able to take a look at it?

Yes. The assessor will want to talk to the children and staff. This is an opportunity to celebrate success. There may not be time to see everything but there will be a chance for you to showcase the things of which you are proud.

How many pupils is a small / large school?

Small Primary, SEN, EY School:    Less than 100 pupils

Large Primary, SEN, EY School:    100 pupils or more

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