There are many reasons to renew your ICT Mark Accreditation. Follow the link to see some of them!

For all options you will need to have worked through the Self-review Framework.  You will need to double-check that you have met or exceeded the ICT Mark threshold in all aspects and updated your supporting commentary either for each aspect or if preferred you can do this for each strand.  You can access the Self-review Framework at

If you have the ICT Mark you now have a choice of three options for renewing your accreditation. When you have decided which option to choose book in the online tool ( when all aspects are at level 2 or above there is a booking link at the bottom of the Overview screen.

Option 1

Have a full assessment visit.

If you choose this option you will receive a half day fixed price visit from an ICT Mark assessor who will carry out a full assessment  just the same as your original application. You will have the benefit of their considerable experience in having a detailed look at your technology provision as it affects all aspects of school life together with a detailed report highlighting your strengths and areas for development recommendation.

Choose this option if your school has undergone considerable change since the last assessment and you value the rigour and experience that an experienced assessor can bring to your school.

Option 2

Renew without a visit. (please note that this option is only available if your last assessment was with an assessor visit)

If you choose this option you will update your Self-review Framework and apply to Naace for renewal. Naace will examine your evidence, and will usually request additional documentation and/or call to discuss it with you before granting the renewal.

Choose this option if you have maintained direction and focus on technology since your last assessment. You will have maintained your Self-review Framework and have continued to develop and mature in your technology provision.

Option 2 renewals are designed as a fast track process and the reduced fee is offered where a visit is not required; Naace does however arrange an assessor visit for a proportion of Option 2 renewals and in this case the standard Option 1 renewal fee will be charged. Since an assessor will not be visiting your school you will not receive a detailed report with areas for development.


Further information about renewals

Options 2 is only available for schools when the last assessment was conducted with an assessor visit and they are:

  • either renewing within the 3 year period
  • or renewing within 12 months of the expiry date


The fee structure for schools renewing their ICT Mark awards can be found at


Please email us at and we will do our best to deal with your query promptly.