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Signing up is simple! Just go to and click “Account Creation”. A nominal charge of £50 per annum is in place as a contribution to the costs of maintaining the online tool.

The online tool is available to all maintained and independent schools and academies, both in the UK and abroad.

How to begin

You need to decide:

  • Who will lead the review?
  • How much time will be dedicated?
  • Who will be involved?
  • Which Element to start with?

Six Starter Questions

The following high level questions help to define the way the Self-review Framework has relevance for schools. The six questions are framed around each of the six Elements to help school leaders determine how they can deliver impact in each of these areas – thus potentially defining their vision for the use of technology in their schools. Download the document below to review the questions.

Course to support progression through the Self-review Framework

Naace has developed a Self-review Framework (SRF) support course for personnel who are working with and within schools to support their progression through the SRF, with special emphasis on how to assist schools in achieving ICT Mark accreditation.  For more information and details of the next available course please click here.

Choose your route

We advise you to either start with the Leadership and Management Element, or make a quick overview of all six Elements, to help you make a decision on where to start.

Watch videos showing how four schools approached the Self-review Framework.