To ensure consistency we have adopted the following style conventions:

  • Naace (not NAACE)
  • e-safety (or E-safety to start a sentence)
  • computers (not PCs)
  • dates: 28 March 2011 (not 28th , 28/3/11, 28 March)
  • key stage 1 (not Key Stage 1 or KS1)
  • numbers: one, two, three…..eleven, twelve, 13, 14, 15 (not 1,2,3…11, 12, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen etc)
  • All contractions are expanded unless used in quoted speech
  • head teacher not Headteacher
  • use lower case: internet, computing, computer science, maths, (note English), (creative) curriculum, ICT coordinator, governor, education technology (if in doubt, do not capitalise)
  • use acronyms with care; qualify first, eg school development plan (SDP), then SDP
  • when starting a new paragraph please leave a blank line; no paragraph breaks without blank line

We take our lead from the English Civil Service publishing, the Guardian style guide and other relevant sources.