The aim of the Third Millennium Learning Award is to enable schools to demonstrate how they are providing an education fit for the 21st century. It celebrates schools’ achievements in creating an environment and curriculum that stimulate more and better learning, making full use of the opportunities presented by technology.

This is a peer-referenced Award, with no set criteria, as schools enable their pupils to experience Third Millennium Learning in very diverse ways. Judgement of the submissions by schools for the Award is made by a ‘college’ of schools that have already gained the Award and the Award Steering Group comprised of Third Millennium Learning Guides. The Guides are Naace members who have demonstrated understanding of 3rd millennium learning approaches, by review of a range of both primary and secondary schools that have gained the Award.

Naace hopes and expects that by sharing the experiences of schools that the extent and quality of third millennium learning and the significantly raised achievement of pupils that results will spread and grow.


Demonstrate how your school is providing an education fit for the 21st century:

  • “Focusing on the submission for the Award brought us together as a staff. It also got the pupils on board with how we are developing learning; it developed us as a whole community, including parents as they were involved in the video.”
  • “Making a submission for the Award made us all realise how much use we were making of ICT across all the subjects.”
  • “We had ICT very deeply embedded but staff weren’t recognising how it was promoting learning.”
  • “The theme we used for our parent video led directly to action plans. Showing the video to parents is really effective in giving them a new perspective on the school.”

– comments made by 3rd Millennium Learning Award-winning schools at the Naace Hothouse, July 2012.

Making a submission for the Award is a process of development. It typically involves:

  • discussions amongst SLT and then the whole staff on your view of the nature of 3rd millennium learning.
  • planning and preparing to make the videos. One for the school community (5 mins) and one aimed at educators (up to 10 mins). What is most important to tell parents and pupils about the school?
  • filming for the videos. Teachers, parents and pupils talking about the new ways learning is happening crystalises their thoughts.
  • then making the videos and reviewing them brings the whole community together behind your aims and targets.

Whether you plan to do this over one or two terms, or a year or two, registering for the Award will give you access to all the discussions and resources shared between the schools engaged with the Award.