Bangor Academy and Sixth Form College is the product of the amalbangorgamation of 2 secondary schools in the town of Bangor, County Down.  Bangor High School and Gransha High School were united in January 2001 initially occupying 2 campuses.  In May 2008 we moved to a brand new building and had instant access to many new and exciting technologies which we were determined to embrace.  We have an enrolment in excess of 1400 pupils in the 11-18 age range.

Points to note in the Award submission video

The school’s use of technology is far reaching and impressive  with many examples within the school and the wider community which supports that school and that it serves in return. The range of equipment being used is good with clear developments being actively encouraged with a depth of new ideas in the background. The straightforward ‘every day’ use of ICT for learning is not forgotten but clearly used and stretched to deliver the learning opportunities the youngsters crave. Their enthusiasm is clear from the video, yet it is tempered with an obvious understanding that learning and supporting others to learn is the prime objective. The use of ICT Rangers to support grandparents in their exploration of the internet and staying safe whilst using the www is a clear statement of the school’s intent to support all its wider community wherever possible. This breadth of school community is further demonstrated with the use of ‘blogs between schools’ based on a safe digital environment where learning is dominant. The forthcoming changes in ICT to Computing as the major curriculum terminology are already planned and in place. Across the curriculum facilities such as the Accelerated Reading Scheme are embedded and paying dividends not only in ‘results’ but in pupils own perceptions of their enjoyment of reading.

The use of a virtual learning environment – Moodle:

  • Seamless learning – continuing work at home, online marking, instant feedback, access to staff for questioning to refine thoughts and move learning forwards
  • Broadening experiences – collaborating on work projects with other students in other schools
  • Refining choices and developing concepts – working with others, sharing ideas and jointly contributing to projects

Working with parents and the community:

  • Providing timely information – access to online data systems about progress and attainment, use of ‘accelerated reader’ programme to provide parents with information about the quantity of books their child is reading as well as the level of achievement.
  • Working with the community – Internet Ranger project with Grandparents – ‘teach your grandparents to use the internet’…. setting technology in the middle of this special relationship is interesting.

Student use of personal devices

  • The use of personal devices to record events during the Duke of Edinburgh’s expedition is a great way to capture atmosphere as well as detail.
  • Personal presentations done in school using the information from students own devices