Banks Lane Infant and Nursery School is a larger than average Community Infant School. We have 310 children aged between 3 and 7 years old. The school is a popular choice for parents and is highly regarded in the community. Many of our parents and grandparents attended the school and 2013 marks our 60th anniversary.

Our mission is to provide an environment where children and staff are happy and confident and where there is a sense of care, security and high achievement. In our pursuit of excellence we aim to provide quality opportunities for each individual in school through an enriched and exciting curriculum. Our work centres around the belief that ‘learning is fun’. We are particularly proud that our work in the use of technology has been recognised through various awards.

The Award submission video


Notes on the video from the learning guides

A wide range of technologies are used to enhance the children’s learning and teaching across this Infant School. Technology is used in particular to empower the children and to promote and develop independence and independent learning whenever possible. The children are in control of their learning and in many instances leading learning. These young children are able to reflect on how the technology is helping them learn and they are using technology effectively to self and peer assess.

  • Progression from YR to Y2 is obvious, for instance there is a clear progression in technology as the children move for using the beebots in Reception, to using constructabots in Year 1 and the probots in Year 2.
  • Technology can be seen being used by the children in a variety of ways to support self and peer assessment, including the recording of their puppets shows.
  • Children see themselves are confident learners who are in control of their own learning.
  • The children articulate how the technology helps them learn for instance the digital microscopes zoom in to which enables them to see the detail.
  • Children understand that they have a real choice about which technologies they use and when they use them.
  • The VLE

In the Promotional video every photograph and film clip shows pupils engaged in their learning, working independently and purposefully – clear evidence of established practices reflecting the school’s aim to provide quality learning opportunities for all pupils. The videos illustrate the school’s belief that learning should be fun and:

  • Based on first-hand experiences
  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Involve creative and imaginative approaches to both teaching and learning.

Look out for examples of:

Technology as a facilitator to develop:

  • Independence, both individually and collaboratively, with pupils being encouraged to choose the resources to achieve the desired outcomes
  • Self-driven learning
  • Creativity
  • Perseverance
  • Cultural exchange
  • Parental involvement
  • Assessment of learning, including self- and peer-assessment.

Children understand how the technology enhances their learning by:

  • Allowing them to control the pace of learning and follow their own interests
  • Encouraging them to explore, investigate and share their learning both in and out of school
  • Helping them to assess their learning and see how to improve their work
  • onriching learning experiences both indoors and outdoors.

Parental engagement:

  • Enhancing home/school links
  • Allowing parents to see what, and how, their children are learning
  • Encouraging parents to contribute their experiences to curriculum themes.

Managing assessment data for tracking, target-setting and data analysis to inform provision.