bedfordBedford Girls’ School is a dynamic, independent school for girls aged 7 to 18. Committed to the education of girls and young women, we recognise a world of possibility in every girl and provide individuals with the tools they need to flourish. An exceptional community, where enquiring minds are nurtured and everyone learns to be proud of their achievements, Bedford Girls’ School is an environment where girls excel in every subject and activity.

Academically selective, we offer a broad curriculum of academic and extra-curriculum subjects, delivered by first class teachers. In our sixth form girls can choose between the International Baccalaureate or the A Level curriculum ensuring our pupils leave us as confident young woman equipped to take on the challenges of the waiting world.

Points to note in the Award submission video

Bedford Girls’ School demonstrates a good and wide range of activities and attributes that are exemplary of a 3rd Millennium Learning school. Judging by the videos submitted both pupils and staff recognise the changes from the traditional didactic teaching style, the “sage on the stage”, towards heutagogy or self-directed learning with the teaching style becoming more of the “guide by the side”.

The parent video ends well with a clear summary of how the school uses technology to support learning:

  • For girls to be in control of their own learning
  • For creative cross-curricular work
  • To collaborate
  • To reach out to the wider community
  • To compliment skills that the workplace needs
When watching the video look out for:


  • Video recording in science and maths to promote reflection and evaluation of learning as well as offering an opportunity for pupils to develop deeper understanding by explaining the processes involved.
  • Using video recordings in P.E. to offer opportunity for feedback, self- evaluation and improvement of performance.
  • Promoting creativity and independence of learning by encouraging the girls to select and use preferred recording methods e.g. ebooks, movie making, mindmapping.
  • Collaborative and social learning by use of pupil response software, movies and Twitter.
  • Purposeful learning by reaching out to the wider community by creating ebooks, twitter and radio broadcasting.
  • Stretching and challenging pupils by setting open ended, problem solving and creative tasks using technology e.g. making movies in history.
  • Offering a range of enjoyable cross curricular interactive opportunities using technology to promote independence and a love of learning.
  • Disassembling/assembling of computers – developing curiosity and questioning the world around them.