Belgrave St. Bartholomew’s Academy

Belgrave St. Bartholomew’s Academy is a large urban school in Stoke-on-Trent, with a high percentage of EAL students. We are a two form intake school that was established in 2002. Our school values are based on our motto of Courtesy, Consideration and Respect, and we pride ourselves on offering the children an exciting, fun and creative curriculum with emphasis placed on the basic skills of learning and the performing arts.

The technology we have in school has developed massively since we opened and we continue to look at innovative and inspiring ways to not only deliver lessons, but to use this technology to improve the children’s learning and understanding.

Points to note in the Award submission video

  • Technologies such as the interactive table and other display technologies are used to promote collaboration and to enhance learning.
  • Progression is evidenced in the control technologies used; Beebots, iPad apps and Lego WeDo in Key Stage 1 and Lego Mindstorms, Scratch and Kodu in Key Stage 2. Children using these technologies are doing so confidently and purposefully and collaboration is encouraged.
  • Children seen as lead learners and given a wealth of opportunities to conduct research and make presentations to a wider audience; Opportunities to present pupil voice/future citizenship through the use of the TV station and talking books
  • Technologies such as the voting pads are used to increase pupil participation.
  • Technology is used effectively to personalise learning and to support children with additional needs.
  • Talking Books are used to showcase and celebrate children’s work.
  • Use of technology for staff development within the school and as part of their outreach to other schools.

Points to note in the commentary video

Commentary videos can be linked to from here

  • A wide range of technologies are used with the aim of enhancing learning and improving the children’s experience of school. Quotes from their latest Ofsted inspection support this.
  • Staff value the technology and clearly articulate the impact that it has on the pupils’ levels of engagement and on their attitude to learning.
  • The employment of a full-time technician is an indication of the priority that the school places on developing their technology provision.
  • Mobile technologies such as laptops, netbooks, fizzbooks and iPads allow children access to learning across the whole learning environment.
  • The Learning Platform extends this learning beyond the classroom and also increases parental involvement.
  • There is evidence of creative uses of technology with the children , for instance creating their own QR codes
  • Technology is used to extend learning, for instance the use of ibooks in guided reading provides children with the opportunity to quickly access definitions of unknown words
  • The pupils were able to articulate some of the benefits that technology offers them.
  • Engagement, adaptability and autonomy in leading learning comes over very strongly as the underlying philosophy of the school team
  • Interactive assessment opportunities built into the school day, between adults and children
  • Inclusion and engagement of all groups a priority, with visual impairment and boys mentioned specifically
  • Staff members have obviously thought through very clearly, the needs of children at different stages and so the technology is following and meeting needs of each group
  • Continuing learning beyond the school and the relationship with and engagement by families
  • Responding to the changing curriculum, showing a clear progression with, for example programming skills
  • Putting children in charge of choices to research, solve problems and present their findings to a wider audience