At Bradon Forest ICT is everywhere. It is fully integrated into every aspect of school life. This includes all stakeholders from pupils to their parents, from teachers to governors as well as our local community. Pupils take the lead to shape and form ICT use across the school and are excited by their use of ICT in all aspects of their learning. Parents are engaged with their children’s education at Bradon Forest by meaningful communication. Teachers are confident to incorporate new software and devices into their lessons because they are supported with on going training. Governors support this whole school integration and they use the Learning Platform to work efficiently and effectively. The school supports the local community through inspiring younger pupils and their teachers at our partner primary schools and sharing our experience across a wide educational network.

The Award submission video

Notes about this video

The Head of E-Learning says that the way ICT is used in Bradon Forest reflects how the youngsters work.

Look at the range of resources available to students, how they enhance and extend what they might do at home as well as the impact this has on their learning and achievement. Also consider the impact of self- and peer assessment facilitated by the technologies.