Broad Heath is currently a two form entry school gradually expanding into a three form entry school. We are situated in the Foleshill area of Coventry with 90% of the children having EAL.

The 3rd Millennium Learning Award will be a recognition of the wide array of Information Technology that is used on a daily basis. Gaining 3rd Millennium status would be an award to be proud of as it would back up our belief that high quality, teaching and learning is happening within this area.

Our mission statement is To GAIN and we believe that every time we use technology, we gain in some form, whether it is developing personal skills, collaborative planning with other children or the opportunity to go beyond our own boundaries that learning each day can give us.

The children at Broad Heath use technology in a range of learning opportunities which enthrals and excites them. It enriches their experiences orally, visually and kinaesthetically as evident on our school website.

IT is used to promote local, national and world issues! It is the medium that we use to communicate with all the community via emails, training sessions and experiential opportunities.

CPD for staff and parents at Broad Heath is ongoing. It is constantly at the forefront of every curriculum subject. We use IT to create learning opportunities that enhance teaching methods. We believe that CPD is at the forefront of every outstanding provider. We use every opportunity and resource we can to support and enhance staffs skills as we believe that this has a big impact on progress.

Children need to be able to feel that IT empowers them and takes their learning forward, stimulating their creativity and thought. We believe that at Broad Heath our curriculum allows them opportunities for this to happen and evidence is seen on Broad Heath TV (On our school website).

Points to note in the Award submission video

The videos illustrate so many aspects of 3rd millennium learning and this is demonstrated very effectively through the use of captions:

  • Using resources to facilitate learning
  • Inspiring boys’ writing
  • Writing for an audience – eg, Creating iBooks for others to enjoy
  • Writing for a purpose
  • Showcasing learning experiences
  • Using aural and visual approaches
  • Providing feedback
  • Engaging with, and showcasing to parents
  • Learning intrinsically
  • Self-driven learning
  • Personalised learning
  • Creative enriched 3rd millennium curriculum
  • Power to the children – empower and enable children to do what they need to do to learn
  • Global citizens