Bryn Deri Primary School is proud to be a happy, caring and fully inclusive school at the heart of the local community. We aim to provide a safe and stimulating learning environment. We pride ourselves on our broad and balanced curriculum and high standards of teaching and learning. In partnership with pupils, staff, parents, governors and the local community, we endeavour to step out of the ordinary to provide the very best opportunities and achievement for all. Together, we provide support and challenge, both inside and outside school, to ensure all pupils in our care achieve their full potential. We believe that we are all different and all special – but together, we can achieve more than we ever imagined!

We are delighted to be awarded the Naace Third Millennium Award, watch our video and read what the judges said about our entry.

Our second commentary video is available to Naace members only and can be viewed here

Feedback from the Judges

Judge 1:

An impressive video with a nice mix of pupil led video content and teacher annotated imagery. It is clear that this is a school that has completely embraced the use of technology to engage and empower pupils with their learning – not just the pupils in particular years, classes or curriculum areas but across the whole school. I like the recognition of the importance of training teachers, parents and the wider community in the digital skills that are needed to learn and become a 3rd Millennium Learner and “digital citizen”.
  • Educational use of digital technology is at the heart of the school’s approach to learning and teaching.
  • Use of problem solving and programming is very apparent across a wide range of learning activities.
  • The 3ML video shows how technology is used to enhance learning across all curriculum areas.
  • Pupils are able to confidently explain why they use technology and how it helps them with their learning.
  • A wide range of resources are referred to by learners, from the use of HWB, to specific software and online applications.
  • Pupils understand the importance of collaboration and sharing their learning.
  • Technology is used to support creativity in many different contexts including in the building of virtual worlds and the programming of games and robots.
  • Pupils as “Digital Leaders” support peers, teachers, parents and the wider community in learning about and through technology.

Judge 2:

The school has totally embraced all aspects of 3rd millennium learning. This is demonstrated by the pupils’ confidence in talking about what they do, why they do it and the impact it has on their learning. They grow to become competent and confident digital learners and leaders, working with younger pupils, their parents and members of their community, as well as pupils and teachers from other schools. They learn about their digital footprint and how to stay safe online which is essential to empower them in their collaborative and creative work in all areas of the curriculum and as responsible digital citizens.

Technology is used:

· Across all six areas of learning.

· To develop creativity through art and music, problem-solving, collaboration and challenge.

· To develop pupils to knowledge and understanding of how to stay safe online and become responsible digital citizens.

· To facilitate assessment – peer- and self-assessment, as well as through instant feedback to inform the next steps in learning.

· To illustrate the processes in learning, for example in filming – planning, scripting, filming and editing.

· To facilitate team-work, communication, the building of confidence and to improve writing, as well as thinking skills.

· To extend the range of opportunities for learning and achieving through entrepreneurial projects, community projects and competitions as well as working with pupils and teachers from other schools.

· To present challenge, increase reasoning skills, inquisitiveness, competence and confidence.

All dimensions of 3rd millennium learning are demonstrated in these two videos. The pupils are correct in saying, at the beginning of the videos, that the school has been, and always will, be a model school when it comes to using new technologies. And at the end of the video ‘We are a 3rd Millennium School!’ – indeed they are!